About Us

In the words of Founder Chandan Gandhi, ‘Be different to stand out’ is TMS’s underlining belief.

Luxury. A word used quite nonchalantly. Luxury isn’t buying a suit off a shelf from an opulent showroom. Nor is it about fetching a garment that is simply expensive. True luxury is a habit. It leads from cultivated taste and sheer passion. You know its luxury when an ensemble makes you feel not just special but reflects a celebration of your existence.

And to cater to this sense of luxury – The Maroon Suit was born.

Established in 2014- The Maroon Suit popularly known as TMS is an exclusive label for a clientele whose style aesthetics synchronize with luxury and undeniable sophistication. With its workmanship and a dedicated heart towards all their clients, the trademark TMS designs and quality has won accolades from a thoroughly satisfied Clientele, and the media alike. Since its inception, TMS has evolved to be an intuitive choice for many- be it an industrialist wanting to make a power statement or a celebrity looking to put his best foot forward- the label has something for everyone!

Brains behind the Brand | Founder – Chandan Gandhi A designer and entrepreneur with decades of experience in the luxury fashion segment, Chandan is an inspired innovator taking joy in every hue, pattern, and print. Supporting his vision – he is backed by a dream-team who are as dedicated to maintaining the legacy of ‘that one suit’ as he is.

So, if you have been wandering for the right suit – your vision has just found its creative destination. Welcome to TMS.