True luxury is a habit. It extends beyond the concept of purchasing a suit off an opulent showroom. Luxury has a cultivated taste and a sheer passion. It is not just watching a runway show and purchasing a garment just because it is exorbitant. Luxury is a penchant for the exclusive. It lies in each seam and every fold. Luxury is when you finally wear the garment that has taken sleepless weeks to create for every inch of you. That feeling of feeling completely special in your skin wearing it, is luxury.

The Maroon Suit, memorable as TMS started its flagship store in 2014. The objective was to cater to a clientele who believes in the unconventional sophistication. High fashion at its core, TMS has won numerous accolades for the quality, design that has successfully satisfied the clientele and the critical media alike. ‘Be different to stand out’ is our underlining belief. TMS is a landmark brand known for an impeccable style and a perfect fit for each customer.

Chandan Gandhi, the brainchild of TMS is an inspiring innovator. A designer and an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the luxury fashion segment, he leads a team that is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of creating ‘that one suit’.

How far have you wandered for that one suit? Here luxurious fashion meets its match in creative definition.