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What’s in a name?

On naming my label- The Maroon Suit & being known as TMS. My friends from the media, celebrities, clients, and everybody I know have always had a huge inclination towards asking me why “The Maroon Suit”. What’s the story? Did you see a man wearing a Maroon Suit? Did you want to own one? Though these are the most basic assumptions, it had gone to a level where my known ones would come up with emotional and believable stories with hopes of decoding the name on their own. Curiosity, I tell you. However- my reason is just like my label’s name, simple with ounces of passion. My age-old romance with the color probably started when I was a rather introverted child and owning anything maroon would make me feel unique and powerful like never before. I am from India and be it marriages, the interiors of India or just my father’s maroon watch strap- I had maroon everywhere and I absolutely admired it. It wasn’t Red or Brown- but only Maroon which made me feel a sense of simplicity with a touch of regal sophistication. Think about it, isn’t it just the most supreme? So naturally, when I decided to embark on the journey of my first ever label- my inspiration “Maroon” had to be in it! Moreover, I had a strong vision on having a direct first impression about my couture through my label’s name and hence within a few seconds (probably the shortest time frame ever), I concluded on “THE MAROON SUIT”. Contrary to perception, leaning on to the acronym TMS wasn’t an accident. It was a strategic move to the future with delicately embossed initials on our products in a short yet impactful way. And so my childhood talisman, “Maroon” and I made TMS- The Maroon Suit together and we lived happily ever after!

Love & Style
Chandan Gandhi
Founder/Owner- TMS The Maroon Suit